Saturday, 11 May 2013

Graduation Cup Cakes

Seeing as I don't have finals and my housemates do, it seemed at the very least, I should bake some celebratory cupcakes for the end of their exams. I have had my eye on these  graduation hat ones on Glorious Treats blog for months and thought now was the perfect opportunity to give them a try.

Here is the end result: 

For a really detailed description on how to make these take a look at Glorious Treats blog. 

However, here are some of my own tips for making the fondant mortar boards (especially helpful for UK readers!)
  • I cut strips of fondant (8x2cm) to make the base of the mortar boards and then rolled them into rings using a tiny bit of edible glue to keep them in place (I used telose powder to make the glue but you can use water or normal icing)
  • To make the top of the hat cut squares of fondant (4x4cm).
  • Glorious treats suggests that at this stage you leave the fondant over night so that it becomes completely hard. If you are a bit pushed for time, like me, then after a few hours you can attach the base to the top by dipping the base in some edible glue and leave the mortar boards upside down to dry.
  • Now it is probably best to let the fondant dry over night (otherwise you might end up with rather droopy mortar boards)
  • The next day you need to make the tassels by rolling some yellow fondant into a very thin tube. Use a cocktail stick to make the indentations of a tassel at one end of the tube and use some edible glue to attach the other end to the top of the mortar board, bend the tube over the edge of the mortar board.
  • Finally you need to bake a cupcake of your choice, whack some icing on the top, place your edible mortar board on top of that and you are on to a winner.

Happy baking xxxx 

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